Feelin’ festive with native blooms + our friend, Meg

Nothing says Christmas quite like an abundant display of fresh, bold native blooms with a hint of eucalyptus. And we’re here to tell you, the Aussie heat doesn’t need to destroy your dreams of fresh flowers on your table, as at your door or as a gift.

Mother Nature has crafted our natives to withstand long, hot Summer days and with a little bit of know-how (thanks to flower Queen, Meg of Twigg. Flowerhouse) your Christmas guests will be ooh-ing and aah-ing at your festive blooms!

native blooms by twigg, hitchley and harrow, twig flowerhouse 


  1. When transporting flowers ensure they are cool, out of direct sunlight and covered with a damp cloth.
  2. At home, make sure your vase is crystal clear and clean. Fill with fresh water ¾ full of room temp water (this allows flowers to draw up as much water as they can). Add flower food.
  3. Cut stems on an angle 1-2 inches from bottom. Make sure you remove any leaves that may be under or near water. Leaves breed bacteria in water, and this will shorten the lifespan of blooms.
  4. Display flowers away from direct sunlight and air conditioning and window drafts.
  5. Change water every other day - If you notice the stem is changing colour, give them another trim

hitchley and harrow 


2Tbsp white sugar & 2Tbsp white vinegar - the sugar feeds the flowers and the vinegar helps slow the bacteria growth.



For the ladies lucky enough to be on the land, head out your back door into the paddocks and forage! For those who are town-bound, find a park, a nature reserve or a river walk and fill your basket – worst case you just enjoy nature for a moment and then have to head to the shops!

hitchley and harrow 

Now comes the fun bit, arranging. And it’s not that hard, the messy, threw-this-stuff-together look is, as they say, so hot right now! Here’s Meg’s hot tips –

  • Start with a vase that has a wide opening
  • Grab sticky tape, yep…. Make an open weave across the vase. You should have 1cm squares in between each piece of tape. This will act as a guide and stand for your flowers.
  • Trim all your stems and remove any leaves.
  • Begin with the greenery. Cut the stem so that the entire piece is 1 ½ times the height of the vase. Place in centre.
  • Add four more pieces of greenery to vase – one in each corner
  • Now we will add focal flowers. The largest will goes into centre, 1 ½ times the height of vase. Smaller ones will go into the four grid corners again.
  • Finally, use filler flowers and fill in the grids that are left. Adding small pieces of greenery to finish it off.
  • If you can try and ensure all your stems are facing the same way – this will create a spiral and a very finished look, just like a bought one.


If you’re keen for blooms direct to your door, send Meg a DM - @twigg.flowerhouse