Linen, style secrets just for you!

Let’s talk silver. One piece is never enough, right?!

So, this weekend, rifle that jewellery stash ladies, pull out all the silver you’ve got, give it a polish and you’re on your way to creating your very own H&H silver-stack!

Small bracelets mixed with large pieces adds depth to that gorgeous wrist-mess! Roll up that sleeve a little and let your silver surprise when you move.

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With the heat of Summer here, and the party season underway, key linen pieces are just what you need to pull together that effortless outfit. Keeping cool is key to looking good in the Aussie heat!

The H&H linen collection offers versatility and function, taking you to town for a quick coffee or to that long lunch. The easiest, every-day item you’ll ever own – designed to coordinate and compliment every woman’s existing wardrobe!

hitchley and harrow, hitchley and harrow linen

If you want to glam-it-up a little, or add some elegance for a more formal occasion, mix pearls into your silver-stack!

If colour is your thing, mix it up a little more – throw on a neck scarf, bold sandals or that cute little neon clutch!

If casual is your go-to – your favourite cap, trainers and a touch of denim will never let you down!

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If you’re after a more understated look, keep your style simple by accessorising your linen with earthy tones and textures – a leather belt can cinch the waistline, neutral sandals will also lengthen the legs and a single chunky silver piece will work wonders!

No matter what your style, be bold, be brave and have fun – H&H linen is for living-in!